• We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated results of the European Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (EAPLC) 2023. This year is not just any year; it marks a remarkable milestone in our journey—the 10th anniversary of the contest!

  • Due to high demand and minor technical offline time in the past weeks we decided to extend the submission period for extra 14 days. New submission End is 15th of August 2023

  • the 10th anniversary edition of EAPLC is starting and we have exciting news for you all! Check out the new Timeline and Categories.

  • Finally the long awaited EAPLC 2021 results are here. First of all thank you everyone who has participated! Thank you to the judges for their hard work and the EAPLC evaluation team. You will find below all entries classified in Winning Works (TOP10) Fine Works and Remaining Works.

  • Dear Participants,

    as previously announced on our Instagram and Facebook profiles, we have been able to solve the technical issues and are now ready to announce the TOP 50 Winning Works consist of the TOP10 works from the categories Nano, Medium, Large, Wabikusa and Paludarium. They represent the best entries within the Categories. 

  • Dear participants,

    EAPLC 2021 is now open for your submissions. Simply create a new user profile and submit 1 work in as many categories as you want. The submission period begins on the 1st. of September 2021 and closes on the 3rd. of October 2021 at 23:59 MET.

    The good news, you can log in to your profile at any time and change your picture prior submission deadline. After 03.10.2021 no changes will be possible.

  • EAPLC 2020 has received a record number of entries. A total number of 364 entries from 26 countries have been submitted. Large Category 63 entries, Medium Category 126 entries, Nano Category 139 entries, Paludarium & Wabikusa 36 entries. The total number of entries per country can be seen below:

    Germany 123, Spain 38, Austria …