European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest


  • We are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated results of the European Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (EAPLC) 2023. This year is not just any year; it marks a remarkable milestone in our journey—the 10th anniversary of the contest!

  • Due to high demand and minor technical offline time in the past weeks we decided to extend the submission period for extra 14 days. New submission End is 15th of August 2023

  • the 10th anniversary edition of EAPLC is starting and we have exciting news for you all! Check out the new Timeline and Categories.

Goals of the EAPLC

  • Fostering the trend of Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping within Europe and Inspiring more young people to take on the hobby of a Aquaristics
  • Promotion of the partnership and exchange between European Aquascapers

Application Guidelines

For the European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, short EAPLC, are only entries from geographical Europe allowed. To foster the trend of Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping the EAPLC has evolved since its first launch in 2013. Every year we receive a variety of skillful layouts from all over Europe. Starting from 2018 EAPLC offers a wider selection of categories for better classification and fair judging process. We are looking very much forward receiving your best works.

Read more about the application guidelines

Judging criteria

Judging criteria is split in 2 categories. Total Impression on one and Extra Points on the other side. Total Impression allows collecting up to 95 Points (90%) based on Plants, Hardscape, Longevity, Photo and Invertebrates. Extra Points are given by dedicated members of the jury, specialized in: Plants – 2 Points (5%), Photography – 2 Points (3%) and Creativity – 1 Point (2%).

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EAPLC Jury members are selected from all over the world. They are not only active aquascapers, but also well known experts in the area of aquatic plants and aquarium hobby, best suited for a fair and impartial evaluation.

Meet the jury