EAPLC 2023 - 10th anniversary news

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Dear Aquascapers,

the 10th anniversary edition of EAPLC is starting soon and we have exciting news for you all!

First things first - we have updated the backend of the website which will allow the EAPLC team as well as the judges to run qualification and scoring much quicker. Sounds not like much, but these updates are super important to guarantee a smooth evaluation process. 

This brings us to the new schedule - EAPLC2023 is now open for submissions and you have time until July 31.2023.
The Qualification and scoring will take place during the months August and September.
Rankings to be finalized and awards manufactured in October.
Final results including web gallery will be published online early November and awards shipped all at the same time! 

EAPLC 2023 timeline

Now let’s talk about the categories - we’ve listened to your feedback and to celebrate the 10th anniversary we decided to divide the categories for better comparison purposes. The new categories are matching the most common aquascaping aquarium volumes and will allow more works to stand out, as more categories means more winners! With the rising trend of Wabikusa and Biotope Style aquariums we decided to foster this trend with updated categories, that will allow you to enter the EAPLC contest and compete in a fair environment.

EAPLC 2023 categories

To learn more about the categories, visit the Application Guidelines.

Sincerely yours
EAPLC team