Application Guidelines

EAPLC stands for European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. For this reason only entries from geographical Europe are allowed. To foster the trend of Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping the EAPLC contest has evolved since its first launch in 2013. Every year we receive a variety of skillful layouts from all over Europe. Starting from 2023 EAPLC offers a wider selection of categories for better classification and fair judging process. We are looking very much forward receiving your best works.


  • Nano 0 - 19 liters
  • Small 20 - 61 liters
  • Medium 62 - 112 liters
  • Large 113 – 167 liters
  • X Large 168 – 295 liters
  • 2X Large 296 – 490 liters
  • 3X Large 491+ liters
  • Paludarium
  • Wabikusa Style *
  • Biotope Style **

*Wabikusa Style
The Wabikusa Style category is open for all kind of emersed setups.  Wabikusa balls, small planted aquariums ie. DOOA Neo Glass Air.

**Biotope Style
The Biotope Style category is open for all aquariums that look like a biotope, but they do not have to match the exact biotope flora and fauna. No plants and so called hardscape only aquascapes can be submitted in this category too.


  1. Only for participants from geographic Europe
  2. Only one work per participant per category
  3. In case of multiple entries, the last one is valid
  4. Judging is made based on full-frontal image only
  5. Online Submission requires creating User Profile
  6. File upload should be highest resolution possible, max file size 25MB, minimum 1920x1080 pixels, jpg jpeg png or webp file types are allowed.
  7. The Organizer has the right to prove the participants and to disqualify if their work is not matching with the contest rules
  8. The Organizer and Partners have unlimited and free of cost access to use the pictures
  9. Submission period: 22.05.2023 - 31.07.2023 23:59 MET

ADA authorized contest

IAPLC Compliance

IAPLC requires unpublished works.
EAPLC is officially approved as an ADA-Authorized local contest. This means participation in both contests with the same work within the same year is officially allowed.