Release the Kraken

release the kraken
Dimensions (in cm)
540.00 Liter
oase 850 2x
3x 150w
9.00 hours
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Submitted by Juan Puchades on Sun, 10/15/2023 - 09:55

Excellent natural aquarium that is presented in optimal conditions. From a structural point of view, I would like some wood of greater caliber and presence to give the aquarium more character and impact. Regarding the plantation, very healthy but with some discordant elements.
1) There is little agreement between the plantations in the two escape zones. Similar species on both sides would have been preferable.
2) Some of the groundcover plants used as epiphytes on wood do not achieve a natural effect.
3) Presence of excessively sized leaves in rear positions that break perspective.
Despite these three important elements to take into account, the aquarium looks fabulous and is a clear candidate to win its category.

Submitted by Dave Chow on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 07:38

A dynamic and well arrange layout, outcome are very peaceful and harmony layout.

Submitted by Yago Alonso on Thu, 10/19/2023 - 18:17

Total Impression: 80%
This breathtaking nature aquarium immediately conjures feelings of tranquility. It offers a vivid representation of a densely forested area, bringing the serenity of nature right into the living space. The intertwining driftwood, carpeting plants, and the play of green shades transport one to a verdant wilderness.

Bonuspoints Plants: 100%
The plant health and selection are exemplary. From the lush carpeting plants lining the substrate to the contrasting leaf textures in the background, everything speaks of a well-maintained environment. Noteworthy is the use of plants to create depth, using layers that recede into the background, providing a three-dimensional experience.

Bonuspoints Photography: 100%
The photograph captures the essence of this nature aquarium perfectly. The crystal clear water, the reflections on the surface, and the play of light and shadow all combine to present this living work of art in its best light. The richness of colors and textures has been brought to life with great precision.

Bonuspoints Artistic Creativity: 0%
Though the scape is visually stunning, it leans heavily into established aquascaping conventions. It’s a wonderful homage to the classic nature aquarium style with extra hits of aquascaping but stops just short of pushing the boundaries or introducing novel elements.

In conclusion, this scape, while staying true to traditional nature aquarium aesthetics, is a testament to the artistry and technical expertise of the aquascaper. It's a visual treat and an outstanding representation of the harmony that can be achieved between nature and design.