Leucomelas Kingdom

Front side of the tank. Final photo
Dimensions (in cm)
1000.00 Liter
EHEIM professional 3e 700
10.00 hours
Maintenance routine
2 water changes per week. Some triming once a month. Feed Drosophila to the drndrobates 3x per week. Monthly cleaning the filter.
My goal with the paludariums I make is to create an harmonic ecosystem between the emersed and the submersed world. This ewas my best work so far, achiving the right conditions to the emersed via the submersed. The water enters the paludarium through a cascade system in the backgroun. Allowing in this way to create the right temperature and humidity for the emersed plants and animals. Since this species of frog is not exactly a great swimmer, I created several points at the water level so that there are no accidents. 2 years have passed and none of the 10 frogs has ever had any kind of accident, neither drowning nor by the fish. They are very happy.


Submitted by George Farmer on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 17:57

Incredible above and below.. well done!

Submitted by Yago Alonso on Sun, 10/22/2023 - 10:09

Total Impression: 100%

This paludarium exudes a breathtaking allure that instantly captivates any observer. It's clear that meticulous thought and effort went into designing this ecosystem. It not only satisfies the aesthetic sense of an enthusiast but is a testament to the wonders of nature encapsulated within a confined space. The successful melding of diverse elements creates an environment that speaks volumes about the artist's passion and understanding of nature.

Bonuspoints Plants: 100%

One of the standout features is the immaculate selection and placement of plants. Each plant appears to be in prime health, reflecting the dedication to ensuring they thrive in this environment. The trimming is precise, and the positioning accentuates the natural flow of the landscape. The vibrant greenery, juxtaposed with the wooden hardscape, sets a serene yet invigorating tone to the entire setup.

Bonuspoints Photography: 50%
While the inherent beauty of the paludarium is undeniable, the photographic representation could use some refinement. The paludarium's essence is well captured, but the play of lights and shadows, although beautiful, feels slightly overpowering in places. A more balanced lighting approach might elevate the photography to match the paludarium's grandeur.

Bonuspoints Artistic Creativity: 100%
The creativity showcased in this paludarium is truly commendable. The artist has beautifully utilized space, crafting distinct zones for different dwellers, from the underwater realm to the canopy dwellers. The wood hardscape is seamlessly integrated into the background, offering multiple points of interest. Chiaroscuros, juxtaposed with open spaces and densely planted areas, evoke emotions and intrigue, beckoning viewers to delve deeper into the microcosm's secrets.

In conclusion, this is a masterfully created paludarium that exemplifies the beauty and intricacy of a balanced ecosystem. The artist's dedication to the health and well-being of both the flora and fauna within this space is evident. It stands as an inspiring testament to what can be achieved with vision, passion, and commitment to the craft. Congratulations to the artist for presenting such an enchanting piece!