Photo 22 mg
Escrihuela Cáceres
Dimensions (in cm)
666.00 Liter
Cristal profi 1902 and Superjet ES 2400
10.00 hours
4 b/s Difusser
Kh 2 Gh 5
Other Contests
AGA International Aquascaping Contest
IAPLC 2023


Submitted by Dave Chow on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 07:39

The use of the tiny roots in this layout are very creative, it make me feel like in a real jungle.

Submitted by Yago Alonso on Thu, 10/19/2023 - 18:00

Total Impression: 100%

Journeying through this wild style aquascape is akin to exploring the heart of a dense, mysterious underwater forest. The scene, flooded with intricate details, grips the viewer's attention from the onset, echoing the very essence of the wild, untamed beauty of nature. It's a powerful representation, mirroring the richness of nature's myriad tapestries.

Bonus Points for Plants: 100%

The plants in this setting aren't mere accessories; they're vital characters that breathe life into the story. Their impeccable health, thoughtful selection, and homogenic arrangement evoke the verdant splendor of an underwater jungle, filled with lush greens and variegated shades. Every leaf and stem is a testament to the artist's meticulous care and deep connection to the plant kingdom.

Bonus Points for Photography: 100%

The photographic capture of this aquascape is nothing short of spectacular. Masterful manipulation of light and shadow gives depth and dimension, accentuating the maze of roots and the shimmering green canopy. The snapshot perfectly encapsulates a fleeting moment in this aquatic world, making the viewer feel as if they're gazing into a living, breathing tableau.

Bonus Points for Artistic Creativity: 100%

Creativity brims in every corner of this scape. The narrative of a dense forest with fallen branches and roots submerged in the water beautifully underscores the sanctuary it provides for aquatic life. This complex matrix of roots, enhanced by contrasting shadows, paints a vibrant, dynamic picture. The guiding path cleverly steers the viewer's eye, making them delve deeper into the enchanting forest, disappearing and reaprining on the focal point.

Overall Comments:

This aquascape stands as a paragon of intricate detailing and profound storytelling. It beckons the viewer to not just observe but immerse in its intricate beauty. The artist's adeptness in presenting such a compelling narrative, intertwined with impeccable plant care and photographic brilliance, is truly commendable. While the artist has intricately detailed the work, possibly leaning towards 'horror vacui' by densely populating every space, introducing a bit more balance in visual weight distribution might elevate this already awe-inspiring creation to perfection. This scape, in all its splendor, undoubtedly serves as an inspiration for both novices and seasoned aquascapers. Kudos to the artist for crafting a realm of such immersive detail beauty!