Hidden Valley

Lava Rocks Iwagumi style tank
Dimensions (in cm)
50.00 Liter
Oase Biomaster Thermo 250
8.00 hours
0 + 6
Maintenance routine
Weekly 50% water change
Daily Fertilization
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Submitted by Juan Puchades on Sun, 10/15/2023 - 11:22

Very nice rock work with a very novel use of grey sand that matches perfectly with lava rocks. The work in the foreground could be better executed, in my taste the flow gets a bit stopped with the flat front.
But in any case a really nice work.

Submitted by Yago Alonso on Sun, 10/15/2023 - 11:34

Total Impression: 80%

A captivating layout that transports the viewer to an underwater highland realm. The interplay of green and black forms a visually arresting theme, resulting in an aquascape that delights both visually and emotionally.

Bonus Points for Plants: 100%

The masterful selection and maintenance of the plants have contributed significantly to the aquascape's overall atmosphere. Their health and vitality reflect the highest quality standards.

Bonus Points for Photography: 50%

While the photography is technically sound, a greater emphasis on capturing surface reflections could further elevate the visual impact. Incorporating a black background might better suit the mood of the scene, adding a layer of depth and drama.

Bonus Points for Artistic Creativity: 100%

Your design captures the essence of an underwater highland realm, skillfully conveyed through a rich tapestry of textures, light, and shadow. The stone selection and positioning, in particular, bring the individual character of each element to life. Your use of black lava sand as a substrate is an inspired choice, enhancing the natural feel and adding personality to the aquascape.

Overall Comments:

Your entry is a vivid exploration of the color and texture palette, using green plants and black lava sand to create a landscape reminiscent of highlands, yet submerged in an underwater world. This evocative use of color and materials immediately attracts attention, inviting the viewer to immerate themselves in the intricacies of the layout.

The plant selection and maintenance have been executed with great care. Healthy, vibrant plants not only contribute to the visual effect but serve as a testament to your expertise in sustaining a thriving underwater ecosystem.

This, along with the excellently selected and positioned stones, highlights the character of each individual element and creates a rich interplay of light and shadow.

Although the photography is well-executed, room remains for improvement. Subtle refinements such as a clearer reflection on the water's surface and a black background could add depth, complementing the existing rich textures and contrast.

In summary, your aquascape is a prime example of how creativity and technical skill can come together to create a truly stunning nature space. Your attention to detail serves as an educational guide for all.

Congratulations on a magnificent job. Your aquascape is a true work of art that demonstrates the breadth of what can be achieved in this craft. Well done!

Submitted by Dennis Wong on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 04:42

Clean and well manicured tank. Planting is well done but very conservative plant choices.

Submitted by George Farmer on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 16:58

I really like the unique use of a darker substrate in combination with the stones and attached planting. Some attention to detail with the foreground planting and substrate line would have improved the impression a little.