Main frontal Picture
Hosta Rovira
Dimensions (in cm)
197.00 Liter
EHEIM Professionel 5e 600T
9.00 hours
4 + 2
Maintenance routine
Weekly water change of 30-40 liters.
CLEAN the EHEIM skimmer filter every day. Clean foam and turn it over.
GLASS CLEANING every three or four days depending on how it goes.
FERTILIZING plants: fertilize when doing the weekly water change, following the manufacturer's instructions. Apply NITRATE and PHOSPHATE.
GLUTA FERTILIZER: Every day apply 40 ml of Flourish Excel or similar (glutaraldehyde reduced to 2%).
It should be PRUNED/TRIM as often as possible, depending on the growth of the plants. Mainly daily.
LIGHT, I had it on for about 9 hours, from 14:00 to 23:00 at 60% power.
Addition of CO2 during the period of Light. 1 or 2 bubbles per second, enough for the co2 test to be green/yellow.
This scape has been created by own inspiration trying to reflect forests of my country. Has not been used any picture or image to be represented, it has been comptletely created by my inspiration/creation.
A have named this scape as "Filipe D'Oliveira Forest" as a tribute and recognition to this great Aquascaper and friend. His great love, passion, corauge and profesionality for this hobbie should be alive forever in the Aquascaping World. And this is my little contribution to keep his memory between us.
I hope you like it !!!.
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Submitted by George Farmer on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 17:43

Incredible sense of depth and creation of the dark forest illusion. Particular impressed by the use of planting at the surface, especially if this is sustainable. Fantastic.

Submitted by Dennis Wong on Tue, 10/17/2023 - 07:05

Moss and wood textures are delightful. I think a tad more variation could have benefited the wood work to prevent looking overly repetitive.

Submitted by Yago Alonso on Thu, 10/19/2023 - 12:53

Total Impression: 80%

Upon first glance, this forest scape evokes a profound sense of depth and natural beauty, showcasing the artist's deep-rooted expertise in sculpting evocative sceneries. The intricate riverbank layout, laden with its multi-layered effects, paints a picture of nature's raw splendor, drawing the viewer into the heart of a dense forest.

Bonus Points for Plants: 50%

While the arrangement of the plants demonstrates commendable skill, the choice of ceratopteris thalictroides as the canopy, sans the support of branches, detracts from the otherwise cohesive visual appeal. A more harmonious integration of the canopy with the landscape below would have amplified the scape's overall visual harmony.

Bonus Points for Photography: 0%

The scape's photography, unfortunately, fails to capture its true essence. A misjudged light color temperature casts an overpowering yellow hue over the green foliage, muting the vibrant greens inherent to moss forests. This oversight robs the scape of its rich, natural tones and dampens its visual resonance.

Bonus Points for Artistic Creativity: 100%

The artist's flair for creating captivating visuals is evident. The methodical arrangement of elements, combined with an astute understanding of volume, planting techniques, and depth, results in a mesmerizing multi-layered visual narrative. This scape exudes creativity and a deep respect for the art of aquascaping.

Overall Comments:

This aquascape showcases a beautiful intertwining of nature and artistry. The meticulous attention to detail, especially in crafting the riverbank, is exemplary.

However, certain choices, such as the ceratopteris thalictroides canopy, fish selection and the light's color temperature, have hampered its full potential. While the existing scape is impressive, a refined approach to the canopy, fish selection and lighting scenography would elevate it to a perfect masterpiece.

Nonetheless, the artist's dedication and passion for aquascaping shine through, making this a commendable piece worthy of appreciation. Kudos on a job well done!