Calm in the current

Calm in the current - 120x60x45 Contest Aquascape by Fabian Beck 2023
Dimensions (in cm)
324.00 Liter
7.00 hours
4 / 7
Maintenance routine
Weekly waterchange
Other Contests
IAPLC 2023


Submitted by Juan Puchades on Sun, 10/15/2023 - 10:05

One of the most outstanding montages of the contest. The execution of a submerged environment, without the presence of the hand of man, is exceptional. The arrangement of the elements draws lines that perfectly allow the viewer to understand the flow and force of the water current.
I also admire the use and choice of the planting, I am especially interested in the point of color obtained in the central right region, which in an integrated way gives a new aspect of color and shapes in the planting that helps avoid the monotony of the composition. A real success.

Submitted by Dave Chow on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 07:33

I like the arrangement and placement of driftwood, it make me feel dynamic and energetic, good job!

Submitted by George Farmer on Mon, 10/16/2023 - 17:46

Amazing layout with beautiful textures. My only minor point is the central stone that appears a little too geometric for my taste. Superb.

Submitted by Dennis Wong on Wed, 10/18/2023 - 07:45

Interesting mix of rock and wood textures used. Framing of the scenery is very well done as well. The draping of plants over the wood work is pretty and invoke scenes of nature. Well executed work ~

Submitted by Yago Alonso on Thu, 10/19/2023 - 16:12

Total Impression: 90%

Delving into this aquascape is akin to a serene sojourn along a tranquil stream, cradled by nature's embrace. Each nook and cranny, brimming with intricate details, paints a vivid picture of a secluded watercourse, mirroring the very essence of pristine wilderness.

Bonus Points for Plants: 100%

The botanical choice is an epitome of precision and artistry. The diverse palette, in tandem with impeccable placement and upkeep, brings to life a verdant streamside that is both breathtaking and lifelike. Every foliage placement feels intentional, fostering an environment that strikes a balance between wild authenticity and curated perfection.

Bonus Points for Photography: 100%

Photographically, the aquascape stands as a testament to the profound understanding of light and shade. The interplay of illumination, juxtaposed with the deeper shadows, transports the viewer right to the edge of a sun-dappled stream. Further, the impeccable ripple mirror effect only adds to the illusion of a serene water flow, enhancing the overall ambience.

Bonus Points for Artistic Creativity: 100%

The artist's creative prowess is on full display. The narrative woven around a tree's roots by a stream showcases a vivid storytelling ability. By embracing the principles of wabi-sabi, the aquascape celebrates nature's inherent imperfections, turning them into elements of sheer beauty. The meticulously crafted riverbed, with its mix of nano boulders, cosmetic sand, and smooth-edged stones, evokes a sense of authentic realism, further accentuated by the well-chosen fish species, that seem to dart playfully within their natural habitat.

Overall Comments:

This aquascape is an ode to nature's untouched beauty. It seamlessly harmonize the wonders of nature within compact spaces. By drawing inspiration from a simple stream section, the artist has crafted a masterpiece that resonates with both simplicity and intricate detailing.

From the harmonious plant selection to the tactile realism of the riverbed, every element converges to create a captivating vista. It's an exceptional blend of expertise, passion, and a deep reverence for nature. Heartfelt congratulations to the artist on crafting such a remarkable and inspiring piece!