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Yago Alonso, founder of WIO, combines creativity, art, and design in his mission to reconnect people with nature. A professional nature scaper, Alonso's craftsmanship shines in his immersive natural landscapes and vast exhibits for clients like national aquariums, zoos, and private entities.

His noteworthy big projects range from intricate planted tanks such as Zen Garden (10 meter) and Rio Alto (8 meter), to large marine tanks over 5 million litters and collaborations like Floresta Submersa with Takashi Amano. Alonso's work expands over a hundred diverse projects including zoological displays, aquariums, gardens, and theme parks for prestigious clients worldwide.

Beyond his design work, Alonso is a respected speaker for IAZA (www.aiza.org.es), EAZA (www.eaza.net), Amphibian Ark (www.amphibianark.org) and a member of a European LIFE program focusing on amphibian conservation.

Yago Alonso's work is a testament to the intersection of art and nature, providing ample inspiration for nature hobbyists.