Nano Category

Small Aquariums are very difficult to scape and specifically creating a great sense of depth can be very challenging. Due to local regulations fish are not obligatory to have in the Nano category. For aquariums 0-59 liter.
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Medium Category

Most common aquariums sized between 60 and 90cm will fit into Medium category. While this category fits most common aquariums formats it will become the most competitive one too. For aquariums 60-179 liter.
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Large Category

Large Aquariums have more depth and allow wieder sceneries. However, one also require more materials to achieve an impactful result. For aquariums 180+ liters.
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Biotope Style Category

Whether your water is tinted with botanicals or you prefer to go the hardscape only route, the Biotope Style Category is for you. Here you don’t have to follow the biotope rules 100%, but if you do, please kindly let us know in the comment section at the of your submission.
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Paludarium Category

You always felt that underwater is too little for you and you felt sorry to trim off the emerse part of your scape due to contest rules. Now you can be free and play with both emerse and submerse areas and enter your piece of planted Art into our brand new Paludarium Style Category.
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EAPLC Wabikusa Category

Over the past years of EAPLC our Wabi-Kusa category has evolved and for this reason it was time to go back to the roots introducing the new Classic Wabi-Kusa Category. Here we preferably want to see a ball type Wabi-Kusa that fits on top of your palm.
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